Frequently asked questions

What is Penguin Flipper?

Whether you’re looking for your next read or buying gifts for the book-lover in your life, Penguin Flipper will help you find a book for just about anyone, from adventure-loving kids to grown-up bookworms.

How do I use Penguin Flipper?

Just pick the age of the person you’re buying for and tell us what they’re interested in, and Flipper will do the rest by giving you a list of book ideas that might be suitable. We’re sure you’ll find a great read.

How do I find out more about each book?

Just tap on the book cover for a summary of the book, and to find out more about whether it’s a hardback, paperback or audiobook.

I’ve found the perfect book! What next?

We’re delighted that you’ve got your next book lined up! From here you can go straight ahead and click on the buy button to go to Amazon, or click on the heart under the book to save it to your favourites list.

How do I use my favourites list?

When you tap the heart icon under any book, you save that book to your favourites list. To see all the books you’ve saved, click on the heart icon in the top bar of Penguin Flipper. From there you can email your list to yourself or someone else, or you can add all of your favourites to your Amazon basket.

Do I need an account to use Flipper?

Nope! Just rock up, start flipping, and away you go!

How are my favourites saved?

Your favourites are saved in the memory of the computer, tablet or smartphone that you’re using. This means that if you’d like to use Flipper on your laptop and then have your list handy when you go out shopping, it’s best to send your favourites to your email or make a note of the books that you’re interested in.